10/24: Indigenous Grapes of the Mediterranean

10/24: Indigenous Grapes of the Mediterranean


DATE: Thursday October 24th, 2019

TIME: 6:30PM - 8:00PM

LOCATION: 440 Grand Avenue, Oakland

WINE: 8 Wines

FOOD: Light Spread of Antipasto

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In observance of the upcoming Indigenous Peoples day (or Columbus day) I am rolling out a special class celebrating the Native grapes of the Mediterranean! Join me as we travel to Sicily, Spain, Greece, Ischia and the Canary Islands to discover a wealth of expressive grapes hailing from some of the oldest winemaking appellations in the world. In this class we will delve into ancient history and trace the Greek and Roman trade routes throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. Learn why the Phoneicans dubbed southern Italy Enotrea or 'land of the vine' or why the ancient Canary Islands hold some of the oldest and most interesting viticulture in the world. 


I will be pouring a collection of wines including but not limited wine representing Southern Italy,  Spain, Ischia and the Canary Islands, as well as Greece and perhaps Corsica. 


Imported Cheese, Salumi, Olives, House-made Jams, Bread, Crackers and other items prepared by a local chef and baker.