Paul Robinson

Wine Events



Wine classes are a fun and interesting way to bring your staff and clients something special. Whether an unexpected treat for your VIP clientele or as a tool to foster team-building within the ranks, the world of wine offers many possibilities. I create Associate and Executive level wine experiences for both boutique and large companies.

Years of hospitality experience in fine-dining in New York City and the Bay Area are an integral part of my skill-set as a teacher. Commission me to tailor an immersive and interactive wine class for your company. I arrive with a handpicked selection of wines, proper glassware, a projector for powerpoint presentation, and the ability to engage up to twenty people, ranging from newbies to aficionados, in a deeply informative wine educational experience.



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Client Appreciation

  • Gift an intimate wine experience to your most important clientele

  • Host a meet and greet with an impromptu wine appreciation seminar

  • Schedule a surprise tasting to cap a day of marathon meetings 

  • Efficient set-up to fit seamlessly into the busy corporate schedule

  • Client Tastings: Journey into Champagne, Revealing Piemonte, Island Wines, Regions of France, Exploring Pinot, Etc…

axionic capital - client event - shingeru tribeca

axionic capital - client event - shingeru tribeca



  • Welcome new associates and encourage dialogue among colleagues

  • Fun and informative classes to promote communication and camaraderie

  • Perfect for a holiday gift or to celebrate team-milestones

  • To take place in boardrooms, employee and conference areas

  • Team-oriented classes: Wine 101, Blind Taste Challenge, Old World & The New, The Judgement in Paris, Etc…

schroders - wine 101/blind taste - 7 bryant park

schroders - wine 101/blind taste - 7 bryant park

Executive Events

  • Curated walk around tastings for perspective clients

  • Intimate wine experiences exploring a favorite wine or region

  • Executive Sommelier services for client relations

  • Chef and Sommelier-led events for corporate dining facility or private residence

CEE - brunello masterclass - harvard club

CEE - brunello masterclass - harvard club



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  • Up to 20 participants

  • Efficient set-up, execution and breakdown in any corporate space, boardroom or conference area

  • All classes and events are individually tailored

  • Glassware, PowerPoint presentation, collateral booklets and materials included

  • A handpicked selection of wines reflecting your interests

  • A selection of Italian Antipasti prepared by Chef Alessandro Campitelli (optional)