Dear Small-Business Owner…

Servers, Bartenders and Managers are on the front lines everyday, contributing to the success of your business in large part with the ability to simply articulate the essence of your product in a fun and engaging way.

Are you looking to bring your beverage program to the next level? I offer specific Sommelier-based services to strengthen your staff knowledge and skill-level in becoming strong ambassadors for your wine, beer and spirits program.



I specialize in creating detailed and informative workshops, designed to target the under-performing areas of your beverage service by broadening the skill-set of your FOH staff. I use the following:

  • Presentations to show maps, geography, history, soil, aspects of production and regional comparisons.(PowerPoint utilizing a digital RIFG portable Mini-Projector)

  • Blind-Tasting format in order to develop a common-language with your staff when tasting and describing the wine, beer and sprits in your program.

  • Booklet and Collateral materials with supporting information are provided to all attendees.


Explore Topics

Below are the areas of beverage service I feel are important to maintaining the health and integrity of your program.


Beverage By The Glass

  • Build short, clear and effective beverage descriptions

  • Read your guests and ask the right questions

  • Moving cordials, dessert and fortified wines

  • Practical explanation of Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable wines


Standards of Service

  • Handleopenserve and care for wine confidently.

  • Sparkling wine service

  • Decant wine and handling old bottles

  • Standards of everyday wine service (pour levels, bar etiquette and maintenance)


Guest Interaction

  • Demystify the wine list in order to effective serve your guests needs

  • Ask probing questions to navigate to the appropriate offerings

  • Identify and move everyday value, off-the-beaten-path, classic representations and large format



Wine and Food

  • Understand how to pair food and wine

  • Deliver a multi-course progression of food and wine in an a la carte environment

  • Build a revolving pairing guide for your menu



Workshops Starting at $500

  • All workshops are created individually in order to address the exact needs of your program.

  • Each workshop is approx. 2 hours in length,

    (w/ option to execute workshops in 30-min installments prior to service)

  • A small booklet for notes and collateral materials are provided to each staff member for safekeeping.